December 12, 2018

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Our Recent Success
Over the past 6 years we have worked hard to improve our facility to ensure its future growth. From the Pit Project to the new pavement we have raised and invested over $500,000. A monumental feat for any organization but our small group has always found ways to come together and make things happen.

Now for the next big challenge!
We currently have the opportunity (probably a once in a lifetime one) to purchase 730 Jersey Barriers from the Regina Bypass Project. These 10' Heavy Duty blocks sell new for $700 and we can secure them for $60 each plus the trucking to bring them to SIR.

So we are proposing the following...BUY A BLOCK for $100.00 each!

The Numbers

  • Blocks - 730 x $60.00 = $43,800.00
  • Freight - 730 x $40.00 = $29,200.00
  • Total = $73,000.00

Now we have had several offers to help with Freight and the amount may be reduced so we will be taking all excess Freight Money and putting it back into a 50/50 draw. You will get 1 ticket per block purchased! To participate, please Click the button below to Donate by Funding the Purchase of a Block or contact Kari Holland at 306-381-6827 Monday to Friday, 9am -3pm.


Thanks for your support of SIR!

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